The Stuff We Forget

memory is eternal

Category: Flash Fiction

Love, Kisses, and Blood-soaked Tresses

She met her not long after her husband passed away.

Her memory of the woman was a misty dream –  like she was looking through a glass and saw the reflection as a mere shade of what it is. There was love in that memory and happiness.

Pain, too, but that would come later.
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Once upon a time, when the world was still young, there lived a red-haired boy.

This boy was a special boy, for he was the youngest of his brothers. Unlike his elder siblings who were wise, he was strong and a fire-like passion burned long in his heart. He delighted in exploring and adventuring and going to places that have never been and never where. Read the rest of this entry »

Brother’s Keeper

Kenneth sat alone in the room where they left him. It was a cold and unfeeling place, and there was little light except for the small light bulb at the very center of the ceiling.

His fingers impatiently patted the desk before him and tried scratching the surface. They left him in this cold place not long after they murdered his brother – his baby brother with a bullet through his brain. He tried his best to appear calm; he knew there were surveillance cameras, but he was screaming inside.

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The First Temptation

Once upon a time, a golden-haired boy went walking in the garden.
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