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Video Game Music – 5 Intense Tracks from Non-Action Games

The idea that video games are a form of art is still a much debated topic, but we can agree that many of our beloved games have produced equally beloved and amazing musical scores and tracks. There are games that draw you in with its innovative game play and story, but some stick in your mind cause of how great the accompanying soundtrack is. Read the rest of this entry »


A City Boy in Saigon: Welcome to Vietnam

I recently got back from my first trip to Vietnam and I still can’t shake off the feeling of wanderlust. I only knew the country from the history books I read back in college, as well as the myriad of documentaries that I watched about World War II, so my knowledge of Vietnam was basic at best. I’m no stranger to travel, and I’ve been in a few countries before, but my trip to Saigon was the first time I felt a sense of culture shock.

You’d think that coming from another South East Asian country, I’d probably¬†fit right in the country. While I can easily pass off as a native of the country (or any South East Asian country for that matter), the country was absolutely different from what I’ve been accustomed here in The Philippines.

But we’ll get into the cultural details¬†in succeeding posts.

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