The Feeder

by R.T. Allenson

We all sat huddled in a corner, fearing for our lives as the grotesque monster held my brother in its plump hand. It regarded us for a while and I shuddered at to what thoughts it conjured, what plans it had for the rest of us.

The thing slowly started tearing locks of hair off from his head, roaring with feverish delight as it did. I felt it in my body, the pain he felt as only true brothers would know. Each strand of hair torn off, each piece of flesh ripped…I felt it in my very soul and knew death was certain for him, he would not survive it as I had ages ago. Memories are but footnotes in history and I was watching it unfold again; my careless thoughts delved into deeper strata and I thought foolishly if things would turn out differently.

Again, it is a foolish thought.

When it had finished with my brother, the monster turned its gaze to me and slowly reached its hand towards all of us. I closed my eyes and I knew then we would never see the feeder again. It took us all in one fell swoop, crushing us in its monstrous grasp and tearing us from where we stood – our limbs dangling in the air helplessly, bleeding ichor onto the ground below.

As the life slowly drained away from me, I mustered enough strength to look at the monster one last time and roared at it. It looked at me almost as if taken back at what I did, puzzled at my own futile attempt of defiance to the fate the feeder willed us into. It smiled the most capricious smile, teeth glinting like stars in the sky and opened its mouth slowly…

“Pretty flowers.” it roared back, and darkness eternal overcame us all.