The Furnace

by R.T. Allenson

Eternity passed him by like an endless corridor, a reflection of the darkness within the minds and hearts of each living thing. It didn’t matter to him if the world spun around him and things went its way; for a moment, time stood still and his short-lived tenure on this world hung on a cusp.

Each step he took was thunderfall on a clear sky, each glistening teardrop, a deluge that lasted for a thousand years. Inside him was a furnace that burned and grew with every heartbeat and eye blink – the dark fed the furnace, but in his mind he knew he should prevail against the shadows that clawed in his mind.

“What’s wrong?” a voice called out, breaking his reverie and snapping him into reality.

He shook his head and he turned his gaze away.Nothing, nothing’s wrong.”

“Are you sure?”

He swallowed hard and took a moment to gather his thoughts. The dark was whispering things, fueling the furnace that burned and flickered like the tongue of a thousand dragons.

He turned to him and smiled weakly. “Yes. All’s right in the world.”