by R.T. Allenson

The darkness stretched all around me; my body numb yet my eyes could see the wispy shadows that played and preyed on the lingering light. I felt something heavy step awkwardly on the floor and my heart began to race, pounding in my chest loud until that was all I could hear.

Something was whispering in the darkness. I tried closing my eyes and moving. I knew what was coming, who was coming. I thought I’d never feel afraid again but I was. I tried pushing against it’s my body which had betrayed me and lay me almost lifeless and vulnerable.

The voice was faint now but I knew it well, I knew what it was saying in its ancient language. The boogeyman from my childhood ever present and lingering, forever haunting the hallways of my house and my soul. A flash of silver in the darkness – its teeth glistening like stars in its otherwise faceless head.

And if I screamed that night, I do not recall for all dreams have an ending and I woke up soon after. But that nightmare I would always remember, for the scars on my face and hands are testament to just how real it is.

I do not pray to any higher providence, only fearing that one god in the hallway who lives in the darkness of my heart. Waiting for the day when it would claw out and unleash all its horrors to the world.