Lights on Mars

by R.T. Allenson

Red was something that Mars was known for – the blood color, crimson and rusted, but at certain times there were times when the colors seemed to just fade in and out of a certain hue and you try so hard to place it in anywhere.

That feeling of uncertainty still lingers even now when everything settled and Mars seems just like a farther than usual country. It isn’t even that expensive to get here, anyone with a decent job can book a flight and a few thousand will get you to many places.

Olympus Mons is a popular destination. The highest point in the solar system, I went there a few weeks ago and I swear I felt like I could just reach up and touch the stars. It’s a beautiful spot and you can see everywhere from there but the main attraction is the lights. Maybe we emulated too much of Earth’s atmosphere, but the lights are something like Mars’ own version of the aurora borealis but the colors are different and I can’t really describe it by our own color spectrum.

It was a different kind of color that made it uniquely martian.

I keep thinking that maybe, just maybe, there was life back on Mars back then before they probably killed the planet like we did the Earth and they didn’t have the technology to terraform planets like we did. Maybe they knew what color the lights were; have you ever given a thought to it? I know some animals don’t see any colors at all and they just see different shades of grey. Maybe they saw things clearly and saw more colors than we do or maybe it’s their spirits that I see, their souls dancing in the air as lights in the sky. It’s a chilling thought, I know there aren’t…weren’t any Martians. But then again who knows, eh?

Such pretty, wonderful lights…It’s nostalgic I tell you, when you get here I’ll show it to you.  It’ll be just like old times. I hope the thought passes your mind and you decide to come here to Mars.

I’m sending my wishes, my hopes and dreams, with the lights. I want to see you again and start over – it’s a new world, a new adventure. I’ll be waiting here amidst the red sands and the nameless colors in the sky.