Odd Mantle

by R.T. Allenson

I ran as fast as I can but something was pulling me back – futility, the pull of time. I heard the car screech as it struck me with the force that felt like a million car crashes a million times over sending me flying to air and slamming into wall…

Or at least, that’s how I last remembered it.

As I was sent flying to the air, my organs rupturing from the impact, I felt the pull of time draw meĀ  in – instead of hitting the wall, I shattered it and I plunged out into the void. A void of pure whiteness all except the very hole where I came from; out there I saw the road, the spot where my body should be. It worked.

I had cheated death, passed through the veil and the space between worlds. That precise moment in time, the right place and the right spot where the door outside the universe opens for a single, insignificant second. The hole in the wall starts to fade, repairing itself little by little until only a small black dot remains – and that too vanishes in.

I turn around and what greets me is an endless expanse of white; or did I turn around or just see the black dot fade? It’s confusing here in the void and even my body seems to fade into the whiteness..

I’m transparent now, no more than a ghost or a spirit in the void. Nothing but an endless expanse of nothingness, I can’t even hear myself thinking, just a silence that lasts forever.