by R.T. Allenson

There once was a man named Ralph. Unlike most other people he would spend the rest of his days sleeping in his room. He’d always say he was a dreamer and whatever dream he dreamed, he made it real.

One day when he was exceptionally sad, he refused to wake up; when he did, he’d let himself fall asleep again. His parents grew worried and sent him to the hospital. Unsurprisingly he slept there.

Now his lover was working in the hospital at that time and when he found out that Ralph would not wake up, he rushed to his room and pleaded him to rise from his sleep.

When Ralph woke up and saw his lover’s eyes, he closed his and began sleeping again. His lover asked him why and, with eyes still closed, he said:

“I’d like to know you and be with you as we are in our dreams – happy.”

And those were his last words. Until now he sleeps, at least, happily ever after.