by R.T. Allenson

The woman turned to her lover, “It’s delicious. It’s a very tasty fruit, better than all the fruit we’ve ever eaten.”

The man hesitated but took the fruit in his hand; it was a mundane kind of fruit, he thought, but his lover enjoyed it so, so he thought to taste it as well despite the warnings that it would kill them both.

“Who told you that the fruit was edible?” The man asked his lover. The woman turned and pointed to a figure resting on the tree where the fruit grew. “It was he who told me it was good, and it is good. You must taste it before it spoils.”

“Who are you?” the man asked meekly. “I have never seen you in this place, what is your name?”

The figure, whom the man saw was of similar countenance as himself smiled and spoke to him, though it was almost like a whisper and the man did not hear. The woman drew close to the man, “His name is Nahash, my love, he whispers cause that is his name. He has eaten the fruit and he has not died, so come and eat.”

“Very well, Eve, let us eat.” And the man took a bite of the fruit and he knew then a great many things. And as the sky darkened for the first time, he knew then that it was the beginning of the end.