Twenty-Five Seconds

by R.T. Allenson

He ran like he never ran before, but the more he pushed himself to go faster the more timed seemed to slow down for him. He thought of relativity and the perception of time and though he could always explain the phenomenon, there was just one thing in his mind that flickered and pierced him, and nothing else seemed to matter.

Twenty-five seconds was all Carter needed to reach the port and say goodbye, but for him time was moving so slowly that it almost seemed like an eternity when he would finally reach the port…

Run. Run faster, run as fast as you can.

…and when he finally did, the ship had already left and nothing but the trail of smoke in the air and the distant rolling thunder leaving the sky marked the ship’s passing. Carter broke down; within his hand he held a piece of a heart that was their symbol of love and it would be another twenty-five years till it would be complete again.