Robert Oddfellows

by R.T. Allenson

In her dreams Elisa was flying with the angels, holding her hands as they ascended high into the sky where the darkness could not reach her. They danced in the air playfully, above the seas and forests and the lands below and everyone that saw her celebrated her ascent. The angels told her, whispered to her that she has a special place in heaven.

“Would I be able to sing?” She asked the angel to her right who was Raphael. He nodded and Uriel, who was to her left, fashioned a crown of fire and placed it above her head.

“Yes my child.” Raphael said. “And your voice will be the fairest among the Seraphs.”

Elisa closed her eyes and smiled, and the gentle song of glory filled her immortal soul forever.

Robert Oddfellows loomed over the sleeping woman and smiled. He had followed her all day, waiting until the right moment to execute his grand and masterful plan. He carefully took the handkerchief laced with chloroform covering her face and laid beside her, gently caressing her soft rosy cheeks.

“I told you, Elisa.” He whispered in her ear. “I would let you see the world through the eyes of a god.” 

He gave her a kiss and then with knife in hand, took her eyes away.