The Space Between Worlds

by R.T. Allenson

Hannah stopped brushing her hair when her reflection, which had done the same thing five minutes earlier, began putting on make up and lipstick – things she did not normally own.

She stared dumbfounded as her reflection, which was now putting on eyeliner winked at the mirror – or at her, and flashed a menacing smile. Something inside her churned and boiled, made her sick and afraid. She thought of running but something about her reflection seemed to hypnotized her and she continued watching herself, her mirror-self, as it beckoned at her playfully and pointed at her ear. She then placed her ear on the mirror’s surface, feeling the coldness of the glass as her heart raced.

“I’m coming through.” Said her mirror-self faintly. Her reflection began laughing silently and capriciously extended its hand (her own hand, she thought) towards the mirror, eyeing her ¬†with a sinister, toothy grin. She stood there for a while paralyzed by fear but then, mustering what little courage she had, grabbed the mirror from the wall and threw it on the floor. She swept all the pieces up and then, after pondering what happened, went to bed with the lights on.

Hannah went to work the following day and she was instantly the talk of the town. Everyone that saw her agreed that she had reinvented her image. No longer the timid wallflower, she was now more confident – wearing makeup and lipstick and sporting a more casual red dress that turned heads everywhere. She sat on her chair and took out her pocket mirror where her reflection, now battered and bloodied screamed at her through the glass. Hannah smiled a wide toothy grin.

“Thanks again.” She whispered softly to her mirror-self and then, after placing it inside her drawer, locked it and threw away the key.