My Little King

by R.T. Allenson

If in these callous dreams I affix, how beautiful this world could be. Yet in the shapeless eerie of deep night they stay, forever aways from my hopeful grasp. Oh but do not abscond from me, my daydreams and nightmares. No solace I will gain if nothing at all I dream.

Still better to venture this pitiless dark..nothing in heaven, o false empyrean light. Nothing at all.

Oh what brilliance do I herald if not by rule of law – that my father had decreed that my own shines more brilliant than all the suns in the world. Where walks the son of the morning, all is filled with heavenly splendor. Yet within me clamors for something more; that by misfortune had I been given the crown that which allows me to dream, my brothers safe from these dark and foolish nightmares. I dare not disobey, for one did so and now he lies dead as a smoldering crater deep down below. I grieve for his death, his innocence taken so by crueller machinations than what I aspire in my mind. Why so dark I see the world, when light is what I bring?

Oh father, what a cruel master you are that your first son shall walk this path alone, this path of darkness and shadow. The one in the garden, he who sits on throne higher than mine but less than you – aye, that wily serpent whom with simple countenance I do tremble, he spake of me and my misgivings. Why has he comforted me and not you who eases my tired mind? In his coils I sit and know and understand, that there are far greater comforts than your tired abode where not one chances to dream, but I alone.

In his counsel I dream, his eyes that gaze with times beyond my knowing, his voice like fire and thunder. “My little king.” he says to me “Deliver to me this world, and forever shall you rule beside me.”