Waking Up

by R.T. Allenson

When I found myself walking, feeling the dirt beneath my feet and the sound of crunching leaves, it was then that I began to fear. My heart raced, pounding faster and faster because I knew then that I was no longer dreaming.

The air was cold on my skin and it left a bitter taste in my mouth that reminded me of ┬áthat moment when the rain has passed and the heat was just about to arrive. The clouds parted and the sun glimmered faintly in the gray sky; I walked towards the park where I knew there was something waiting for me, something that I dreaded. Images flashed like lightning in my mind – fragments of a dream I dare not recall. Why is it so hard to forget them when they’re bad but when your dream is like a paradise, it is lost to you so quickly? How many times have I dreamt of monsters pursuing me and how I remember each gruesome detail as they tore at my soft flesh, relishing the warm blood within. How many times have I dreamt of destruction trailing me, the world crumbling around me and the screams of the dying filling my senses. It lasted forever and it went on and on and on..

And yet I cannot even remember a good dream, only fragments and even they are too obscure for me to piece together. Too jagged for my mind to handle, like broken glass that pains me when I try to handle it. What monsters drag me to nightmare all night and day, living daydreams and daymares that never cease. And yet now when I feel the earth below me, I know that this time it is no nightmare no fanciful dream. Waking up was never easy, but at last I was walking wide awake into the death that had come from my dreaming mind.

There on the park was the love of my life, being torn apart by the monsters of my mind. How cruel and savagely they devoured my lover…

I tried to move, run towards them but I was powerless, paralyzed by fear and despair. I crumpled to the ground as the monsters, having finished of what remained of my lover, turned towards me malevolently. Their piercing eyes glaring fire in me and I fell prey to them as well, lost in a furious storm of tooth and nail. I waited for them to finish me off and the blackness to take me away but it felt like years until my senses became numb to the pain. Time has no meaning when you’re dead and I felt myself drifting on and on, forever in the darkness. The monsters had all left, left my broken body bloodied where I fell and when I knew for certain that they had killed me, when everything had fell quiet…when everything was still, it was then that I opened my eyes for the first time..

…and woke up.