Beware of Dog

by R.T. Allenson

She did not see the sign when she thought of jumping the wall. There were many things in her mind back then, and though she had always been deathly afraid of dogs, she never once thought that there would be one waiting for her behind the brick wall. It was too far from her thoughts and when you’re running for your money, there’s not much else to think about.

She fell hard on the ground and quickly as she picked herself up, she immediately froze when she saw the empty doghouse looming before her. She thought, “How big the doghouse is! What kind of dog needs such a big house?” And her thoughts trailed far into the deeper recesses of her mind, bringing out fears and terrible memories. She remembers as a child, a black dog emerging from the shadows as she made her way home one saturday night. She remembers how disturbingly silent the dog padded in the darkness towards her, mouth slightly agape filled with teeth – silver like the full moon. And its eyes, yellow and unblinking, staring at her until she turned to run away.

She ran as fast as her young legs could carry her and she did not dare look back. And she did not know if the dog did catch up to her, for it ran silently like the wind…and like the wind, it vanished into the night with nothing more but a faint whisper. These same thoughts ran in her mind as she sat on the ground frozen in fear, trembling before the great doghouse wherein darkness like that of the night greeted her.

She mustered the courage to move and began slowly climbing up the wall. A sense of curiosity overcame her and she turned back towards the doghouse –  for a second she thought she saw great yellow eyes staring back at her and little pieces of silver that glimmered like the moon, waiting in the darkness as a deep growl emerged from within.

She scrambled up the wall and ran for her life, not once looking back.