Stacy’s Last Ride

by R.T. Allenson

She stood at the counter staring beyond the wall, her hand frozen in place as she reached to pay her groceries; something had caught her eye and in her mind something clicked, something sparked that ignited and erupted into something more.As a child, she never knew why they had to take her father away and lock him up. Her mother told her that he was mad, crazy beyond repair. He died two years later, alone and broken-hearted though not without writing a message on the wall with his blood. She remembers how cryptically the orderly told her mother what his father had written.

“What did it say?”

“What does it mean?”

The checkout boy was trying to get her attention but Stacy would not move. Unconsciously she began grinding her teeth, her eyes twitching subtly as she pierced the veil beyond the wall. She remembered her father saying something about how there were a lot of somethings in the world and that some of them could only be seen when one looks beyond what one actually sees. Her father never revealed to her how she could see these somethings, telling her that once you begin seeing them, it would be hard to ignore them.

“Orab.” Stacy said, in her father’s voice “Orab beth sobathal.”

Her eyes widened, flinching as she saw it move. The checkout boy opened his mouth to say something but before he could, Stacy had grabbed a pen from his pocket and plunged it deep into his neck. She turned to run, pushing through a line of panicking people and out the door. She ran to her car, igniting the engine and furiously stomped the gas pedal. Her car shrieked as it skidded across the asphalt, burning rubber as she drove away from the store and into the busy freeway. Something had moved beyond the wall and it made her sick, made her very afraid.

She zoomed past cars and trucks, narrowly missing them as she accelerated. When she felt her car couldn’t go faster, she stomped harder on the gas pedal until her feet began hurting. She thought she felt it bleed but she didn’t care; something else was bleeding inside her. Her voice..or her father’s voice repeated the words in her mind and though she tried to forget, it looped and repeated itself like a broken record.

“What did it say?” her mother asked. Though she remembered that day well, she didn’t hear the orderly say the exact words. “What does it mean?” her mother prodded, but the orderly just shook his head.

“Orab.” She said under her breath, “Orab beth sobathal.”

Stacy drove faster, staring far beyond the road like she stared at the wall. Blue and red lights flashed behind her and it was then that she realized that this was her last ride. Her father never told her how to see beyond what one really sees but then again, she never really needed to. It was all that she saw. She laughed, glaring at the horizon as she drove faster and faster. Finally she saw it move and then, slamming her foot on the gas pedal, pierced the veil and vanished in a crimson streak of light.