The Moth

by R.T. Allenson

“What is it?” Aubrey asked cluelessly. Her older brother smiled, extending his open hand towards her where a rather large and furry thing rested. Aubrey’s eyes widened, regarding the curious creature with suspicion. “It’s a moth. Isn’t it cute?”

“You can pet it if you want.” her brother said, keeping still so as to not disturb the insect which had settled comfortably and unmoving on his hand with only the slight twitching of its comb-like antennae breaking its stationary posture. Her hand was well on its way to touch the insect when it suddenly took to the air flying towards her, flapping its cumbersome wings over her face. Aubrey fell back, landing hard on the ground as she covered and wiped furiously at her face. Tears started rolling down her cheeks.

“Aubrey are you okay?” She shook her head “Take me inside Carl, I got dust in my eye!” she replied sobbing. He carried her and went inside, closing the glass door behind them. Looking back, he saw the moth land on their garden table and turn towards him menacingly. “Come on, let’s wash your eyes.”

Later that night, after a light scolding (and assurance that the moth had flown away) from their mother they retired to their bedroom whereupon Aubrey rushed towards the window, covering it with the curtains and dove under the covers of her bed. Carl sat beside her and turned on the night-light. “That was scary and something got in my eye. I don’t want to see the moth anymore.” Aubrey, peeking from under the covers. “That was fairy dust that got in your eye!” Carl replied.

“So that moth was a fairy?” Aubrey asked, confused.  Carl nodded “And pretty soon the fairies will take you away!”She frowned at this, pulling the covers back over her head. “Go away.” she said. Carl laughed. He turned off the lights and went to sleep.

Carl woke the next morning, his mother crying beside him and the sirens of the police cars echoing outside their house. His sister’s bed was empty and the window was open. She was gone. He fell back on his bed, his words to his sister last night echoing in his mind. As the police led him and his mother outside to the living room he saw, from the corner of his eye, the moth scale the wall towards the open window and take off into the air.